One of a Kind Framed Wall Art

Last Updated Sept 16, 2014

New series called "Oddities" series. These are assemblage art with many vintage items.

Found animal objects, skeletons, vintage medical slides from the 1800-1900's, vintage book parts from the 1800-1900's, antique vacuum tubes, vials and more can be found within the framed piece. They are a gothic, apocalyptic theme. Each has a light for eerie night time viewing. Each one comes with a DVD that tells the back story behind the artwork. Very unique works of art.

Prices range from $149 to $349. Please email me for more details.



Number 1                     11 X 9



Number 2             11 X 9



Number 3            9 X 11



Number 4             9 X 11



Number 5              9 X 11



Number 6         7 X 15



Number 7             7 X 15



Number 8             9 X 11



Number 9              11 X 9



Number 10               11 X 9


Add a magnifying glass and stand to the art work for a more scientific look for displaying on a desk or bookshelf.



Each piece comes with a light for eerie night viewing.


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